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How Long Is Gout Attack Duration?

by Hemen Ee on Aug.01, 2013, under Symptoms of Gout

As a matter of fact, no one can exactly tell you how long is your current gout attack duration. Doctors usually tell you that it will last of a few days or even weeks. We are not robots, each and every gout patient has different pattern of gouty behavior. Instead of focus on know how long your current painful gouty inflammation will last, you should focus more on how to shorten the gout attack duration and minimize or prevent future attacks.

Gout attack is actually a natural self defense mechanism of the body in the effort to get rid of the foreign substance that trigger the onset of the gouty inflammation, in the case of gout, it is the urate crystal that forms within the affected joint (usually big toe). The situation is like there is a break-in to the National Bank and the thieves had triggered the alarm. The S.W.A.T team and the police force has already arrived at the scene, the situation is very intense (pain).

Actually, no matter how hard your body immune system (white blood cells) try, the are not able to remove the solid urate crystal out from the affected joint because the crystal is not bio-organic compound that can be broken down by the white blood cells. It’s an inorganic compound that only be dissolved back into fluid form for removal. Thus, in order to remove the urate crystal, you have to improve the blood flow around the affected joint by using heat treatment such as soaking the feet into warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Better blood circulation can bring more fresh new blood to the affected side to help melt and flush away the urate crystal.

As long as the urate crystal still there, the white blood cells or other immune mechanisms will still remain and give you the swollen painful joint. The faster you melt away the urate crystal, the shorter your gout attack duration is.

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Any Suggestion of Remedies for Gout?

by Hemen Ee on Jul.28, 2011, under Home Remedies for Gout

There are 2 phases of gout treatment. The first stage is that you have to deal with the current existing painful gouty inflammation and there is no natural remedies available for this (cherries can help a little), but if you really cannot take the pain anymore and those oral pain killers fail to work, then you might need your doctor to prescribe some steroid injections to deal with the pain. You must bear in mind that all those chemical gout drugs can bring long term side effects, especially to the liver and kidneys. Thus you must not consume them to often, and that is why you must get rid of the root of gout once and for all, which is the objective of 2nd phase.

Eventually, the pain will go away, with or without the help of those gout drugs. Then come the most important phase of gout removal. At this stage, although the gouty inflammation is gone, but the urate crystals are still inside the joints and you are still having high uric acid level in your blood. This is when the “cleaning job” begins. Not only you have to lower your uric acid level, you also has to flush away the chemical residues of the gout drugs that left in his body. The best option of this purpose is through some natural remedies for gout.

But there are so many so-called “natural gout remedies” out there that claim to be able to remove gout naturally. It is hard to tell which one actually works until you find out the truth of gout and the actual root of it. I strongly recommend you to read the the article in the following website, this guy tells you the truth of gout that your doctor will never tell you…


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